Vela Pináculo Candy 1001 Lights. Aroma Llega la noche

$ 4,700.00 MXN


Inspired by the magical world of the tales of the Arabian Nights and their evocation of exoticism, fantasy and adventure. The candles in this collection delicately combine light and aroma to produce a dreamy atmosphere. Held in poetic containers of translucent porcelain, the luminous effect produced by the hand-engraved motifs on the surface transports us to a world of fairytales. The covers are painted in different tones of red with a gold lustre finish. The candle vases are made of translucent porcelain, which filters the passage of light. All candles in the collection carry the same fragrance ´Night Approaches´, based on such special ingredients such as cassis, lotus flower and frankincense, representing the magic of the night and the full moon. Contains 45 grams of natural wax, with a duration of 10 hours. The formulation contains up to 15% perfume and the wick does not produce smoke. As the flame lowers from use in the interior of the vase, this is shown to be an authentic lithophane, revealing the classic lines of its design. Once the wax has been used, the vases of this collection transform into decorative objects which may in turn serve as a box or jewelery holder with an artistic touch of porcelain, handmade in Valencia, Spain.


Dept. Diseño y Decoración
Tipo de Porcelana
Brillo y lustres metálicos
Alto (cm)
Ancho (cm)