Vela Pináculo azul 1001 Lights. Aroma Espíritu indomable

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Inspired by the magical world of the tales of the Arabian Nights and its evocation of exoticism, fantasy and adventure. The candles in this collection delicately combine light and aroma to produce a dreamy atmosphere. Held in poetic containers of translucent porcelain, the luminous effect produced by the hand-engraved motifs on the surface transports us to a world of fairytales. The elaborate dome protecting the wax is embellished, hand painted and crowned by a point decorated with 22 carat gold lustre, applied by means of a complex artisanal technique. It is comprised of natural wax and 15% perfume, a particularly high percentage for candles of this category and equivalent to ´l'eau de parfum´ in the world of perfume. It is available in the fragrance ´Indomitable Spirit´, an exotic aroma of bergamot, cardamom and musk created exclusively for Lladró. Content: 45 g/1.6 oz. Duration: 10 hours. Smoke-free wick. Candle refill included.


Dept. Diseño y Decoración
Tipo de Porcelana
Brillo y lustre oro
Alto (cm): 13
Ancho (cm): 8
Longitud: 8