Strypy Vase 4 (Peacock Blue)

$ 16,200.00 MXN

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A vases collection designed by Jaime Hayon, immediately recognizable from the style that marks himself. In the metal version, the simple and sinuous shapes are enriched by a set of vertical and horizontal precious metal lines that groove the opaque and pure white of the vase.

For the graphic edition the imagination of the Spanish designer draws from the surrealist repertoire: from abstraction to the decor, the archetypal form of the vase is the background to a "magic" pattern that, in the union of the lines, reveals unexpected faces and characters come out from the fantasy world of Hayon. 


Height: 13.8 in. (35.05 cm)

Width: 6.71 in. (17.02 cm)

Depth: 6.71 in. (17.02 cm)