Nova Lasso

$ 17,550.00 MXN


A favorite piece that truly speaks to the boundless nature of elegant and rebellious individuals. A cool crescent moon falls from one end of a sturdy 56.6” chain, contrasted by a luminous star that hangs from the other end.

Wrap the lasso either way around your neck, with the moon and star reaching down your chest. Wear it backwards and let the dreamy shapes dangle down your back. Wear it around your waist as a belt, or play with it to create your own unique statement.

Every PofM creation bears the stamp of the brand. Each piece is composed of 925 sterling silver, plated with gold and/or rhodium; hand set with Swarovski ® Zirconia. PofM guarantees the exceptional craftsmanship and quality of all materials used

Color: Rose gold.
Weight: 104.85 gr
Chain length: 114 cm