Muse Bowl - Gold Interior

$ 1,450.00 MXN

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Porcelain Reverie.

A hand-sculpted homage to flawless features, our Muse Bowl is made from high-fired matte porcelain with a glimmering gold interior—the perfect spot to stash something glam.

Inspired by Dora Maar, the French photographer, poet, and painter best known for being a lover and muse of Pablo Picasso.

Jonathan throws the models for the Muse vessels and then substitutes our signature geometric relief patterns with body parts—faces, breasts, lips—to create a surreal style. Each piece is inspired by our favorite artists' muses.



  • 4.25" Dia, 3.5" H


  • High-fired porcelain with sheer glossy glaze
  • Electroplated gold interior 


  • Not food safe
  • Not microwave safe