Hopebird Decoration 5

$ 98,500.00 MXN



*Bird is not attached to base (they come separately), you can display it with or without the white base. 

* Limited edition 99 pieces for decoration.

All the objects in the Bosa collection are made entirely by hand using the ancient techniques of ceramic making. The moulds are made out of plaster to allow scrupulous formal control over the project. Once it is removed from the mould, the piece must be cleaned and finished by hand, attending to the smallest of details, and once it is dry it can be fired in the kiln. Hopebird stands proud and straight looking towards the horizon and invites us to reflect on the importance of maintaining a positive outlook on what the future holds. It is a table sculpture made of fine ceramic and hand painted with 24 kt gold. 

The Hopebird by Jaime Hayon for Bosa • Symbolizes the importance of “an optimistic approach to what lies ahead”, in Hayon own words. As the Hope Bird looks toward the horizon, it invites viewers to reflect on why it is important to have a “glass half full” attitude.


Size With Base: 68 cm tall

Size without Base: 50 cm tall