Harmonie Tumbler (L 4.1 in) - Set of 2

$ 6,700.00 MXN

Harmonie Tumbler (L 4.1 in) - Set of 2 - is available for pre-order, purchase it. Worth the wait.


The Baccarat Clear crystal Harmonie tumbler has a marvelously linear silhouette that would be ideal for any stocked bar.

Consecutive parallel cuts travel cleanly along the Clear crystal grazing the tumbler from its lip all the way down to its thick base. These lines emphasize the verticality of the tumbler as you sip your quality spirits and mixed drinks. The vertical sweep of the striping is also present on other pieces of the Harmonie collection, which includes highball glasses and a round whiskey decanter.


Height: 4.1 in
Capacity: 12.2 oz