Faunacrystopolis Harcourt Tea Tumblers - Set of 2

$ 12,900.00 MXN

Faunacrystopolis Harcourt Tea Tumblers - Set of 2 - is available for pre-order, purchase it. Worth the wait.


The perfect balance between heritage and fantasy! With the Faunacrystopolis goblet, Jaime Hayon offers a new look to the Harcourt glass, a timeless icon of Baccarat.

It reinvents itself over the years. Harcourt, the star of glasses, inspires the greatest designers. Under the direction of Iberian designer Jaime Hayon, the glass is transformed into a goblet, ideal for enjoying any type of drink, water, iced tea, cocktails and spirits. With its four-leaf foot and cut facets, the Faunacrystopolis goblet will bring a touch of fantasy to the table. Available in a set of two tumblers.


Height: 3.6 in
Diameter: 3.7 in
Capacity: 9.1 oz
Weight: 1 lbs