Faunacrystopolis Harcourt Decanter

$ 16,800.00 MXN

Faunacrystopolis Harcourt Decanter - is available for pre-order, purchase it. Worth the wait.


The perfect balance between heritage and fantasy! With the Faunacrystopolis pitcher, designer Jaime Hayon revisits with humor and poetry the codes of the iconic Harcourt glass.

It reinvents itself over the years. Harcourt, the star of glasses, inspires the greatest designers. Reinterpreted by Jaime Hayon, Harcourt is transformed into a pitcher with a bird's head. With its pointed beak, its diamond-cut eyes and its feathers inspired by the facets of the famous glass, the Faunacrystopolis pitcher transports us into the fantastical universe of the Spanish designer. A must-have to surprise your guests!


Height: 8.8 in
Diameter: 4.4 in
Capacity: 25.4 oz
Weight: 2.6 lbs