Eyes Beaded Wall Art

$ 48,500.00 MXN

Eyes Beaded Wall Art - is available for pre-order, purchase it. Worth the wait.


Beaded Brilliance.

Dazzlingly detailed, our hand-beaded Eyes Beaded Wall Art is a truly subversive showpiece at 52" wide by 25" high.

We collaborated with an artisanal workshop in India where a master beader imbued our clean graphic designs with craftsmanship and soul. Each artwork is hand-beaded on linen ground and takes nearly 100 hours to create. Beads of varying heights and patterns within patterns create a sense of depth and dimension. The result is part pop art, part textile triumph.




  • 52" W, 2" D, 25" H


  • Linen ground with hand applied glass beads
  • Floater textured wood frame with black stain finish


  • Imported