Dab Penguin - Vintage Green

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The ceramic penguin, designed with the lowpoly technique, is defined by a few lines and the facets are emphasized by the introduction of enamels in precious metals: its synthesized form is as if it were dissolving and suggests the idea of a presence. which gradually reduces more and more until it disappears, to represent the time that is running out. 

The gesture of the penguin (dab) refers to what is done by sportsmen after an exceptional performance or by footballers after a goal, a gesture of pride that represents a great achievement and that is imitated by millions of kids around the world. 60% of penguins have disappeared in the last 50 years and this seems to say I am here, I am a hero: a call for attention to raise awareness of what is happening to those (besides us) who live in the environment.


Height: 15.01 in. (38.1 cm)

Width: 12.21 in. (30.99 cm)

Depth: 12.21 in. (30.99 cm)