Crystal Nativity Madonna and Child Figurine

$ 15,850.00 MXN

Crystal Nativity Madonna and Child Figurine - is available for pre-order, purchase it. Worth the wait.


The nativity of Jesus Christ is depicted as portrait of maternal love, with Saint Mary lovingly holding her baby. The beauty of the Baccarat Clear crystal imbues this statuette with mysticism and spirituality. Moreover, the lucidity of the crystal symbolically represents the clarity of sacred and divine love. The detail in the facial features and the pleating of the robe illustrates the finery of Baccarat’s craftsmanship. A perfect gift for the holidays, this figurine pays tribute to holy Biblical mythology and the sacred nature of familial love.



  • Height: 23 cm


  • Baccarat crystal 


  • Handmade
  • Imported