Candy Box Zoo Bear Clear

$ 29,250.00 MXN


His three colorful creatures (a bear, a monkey, and a duck) are available in luminous Clear crystal or vivid-hued versions. The bear is presented in a bright, playful way. The Clear crystal version of has a white porcelain base with a gold finish; the honey crystal version has a toffee-colored porcelain base with a Clear crystal face. The porcelain base is decorated with a honeycomb motif. The crystal upper half is shaped with flat cuts which morph into tiny diamond cuts on the bear’s friendly face. The figurines are individually numbered and signed by Jaime Hayon and Baccarat on the underside of the porcelain base.



  • Height: 23.6 cm


  • Baccarat crystal 
  • Porcelain 


  • Handmade
  • Numbered Edition 
  • Designed by: Jaime Hayon