Brass Fly Box

$ 5,700.00 MXN

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Winged Wonder.

Inlaid with naturally dazzling blue lapis, our solid Brass Fly Box features two wings that slide to the side to reveal small compartments for stashing small treasures. Hand-cast from a clay model sculpted by Jonathan and his team in our Soho studio.

Like a fine wine or your favorite leather jacket, our brass only gets better with age. Over time, the polished brass will develop a rich natural patina. If desired, use a microfiber cloth to buff out fingerprints. If you have no patience for patina, use a brass polish.


  • 9.5" W, 5.75" D, 3" H
  • Two compartment box with hinged slide lids
  • Sandcast polished brass with lapis inlays
  • Imported